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How To Care For Creation

The survival of the planet is one of the main items on the political agenda at the beginning of the third millennium. It is widely recognized that natural resources, such as drinking water and tropical rainforests, are finite. How to preserve these resources in the face of increasing human demand for them and their systematic destruction in the name of economic development requires the effort of each of us.

In this manual, we will discuss the theological and scientific aspects of creation. Creation is the work of God over which God has placed us as stewards. As such, our relationship with planet Earth and its conservation is firmly established. We will consider the dependence of human beings on natural resources and the socio-economic demands for these resources.

The survival of humanity is closely linked with the care of the earth’s natural resources. The question is how to make use of natural resources in a sustainable manner. Throughout this study, sustainable development will be discussed as a way to conserve the earth’s ecosystems, whilst addressing the needs of modern society.

As stewards of creation, Christians have a great responsibility in relation to environmental issues, having in view the future of creation as a whole - the earth and its inhabitants. By doing our part, leading by example and by exerting our influence on ecological forums, we can contribute to the good of present and future generations.