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How To Grow In The Spiritual Life

To be effective as Christians in the world, we need to be enjoying steady spiritual growth in our lives. How can we measure spiritual growth, or by what bench marks should this be done?

In this module, we shall reflect on the Book of Psalms and consider the experiences and longings of the Psalmist as he wrestles with life’s problems and challenges.

The themes covered are those we encounter in the daily round and as we face opposition from spiritual enemies on many fronts. We shall be looking at our prayer life, confessing our sins, reassurance in times of adversity, anguish and hope, joy and thanksgiving, a life of praise, God’s knowledge of all things.

As you engage with the Psalmist, you will see that you are not alone in facing times of spiritual conflict. You will also perceive signs of spiritual growth in your own life, as you overcome obstacles and win battles in the name of Jesus.