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How To Contemplate The Life Of Jesus

For the Christian, to contemplate the life of Jesus is a sublime thing. In this module, we present Jesus in his historical context and follow his trajectory in the world. As we contemplate the life of Jesus we will adopt a thematic approach, taking into account the geographic and cultural aspects of Palestine in the time of Jesus, including the religious situation he encountered.

We will look at the teachings of Jesus and the impact of these on the people, as well as his miracles which serve as a sign of the presence of God’s kingdom on Earth.

Finally, we will accompany Jesus during the week of his Passion and on the day of his resurrection through to his ascension to heaven.

During the course of this study we will contemplate Jesus in both his human and divine aspects and the importance of his presence among us. On concluding this module you will be able to identify and evaluate the principle moments in the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.